• Avi White

  • Avi White is widely known as a leader in the realm of corporate communications and an innovator in helping businesses adapt and prosper in the ever-changing world of communications. After serving as a special operator in the Israeli Army’s Golani Brigade, Avi immigrated to the United States where he started his own service business and began to refine his communications, public relations, and business development skills.
 Whether he’s helping his clients dominate the front page of a Google search or executing operations on the battlefield, he’s a leader. 

  • Avi founded Payperformance, an enterprise-wide solution for advertising call tracking and delivery. PayPerformance generates leads in the form of live phone calls directly to the service provider. The system has provided millions of leads since it launched in 2010 as a Start-UP. TPLK, a national service provider, acquired PayPerformance in 2017.

    Avi is proud to obsess about creating simple solutions for complicated problems.