• Eti Mazor

  • CFO

  • Eti brings a seasoned eye and keen precision to her position as CFO, with the critical task of managing P&L statements and meeting the company’s revenue goals. She brings a wealth of experience earned as Vice President of IT and CFO at PayPerformance, where she effortlessly juggled responsibilities, including continuously negotiating prices with partners and service providers to maximize profits, revamping procedures and operations for greatest efficiency and managing website development, SEO and PPC for all accounts.

    No challenge is insurmountable for Eti, who proved her skills under fire as operations supervisor for the Israeli Navy, earning an Excellent Soldier award for her seamlessly efficient dispatch planning and management of forces.


  • These days, she keeps her competitive edge sweet by routinely making it to the top of leaderboards as Candy Crush champion. A fount of industry knowledge, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics from Tel Aviv University, Eti is equally at home in the kitchen as master chef for her family.