• Government Affairs

  • The team at Israel Global Advisors has assisted in building and positioning some of the largest corporate and product brands over the last 30 years. The result of this effort has been to successfully impact public policy outcomes in areas such as Texas and Washington, D.C. as well as across the nation and the world. The concept of public engagement has been refined and reimagined by Israel Global Advisors. We have redesigned the intersection of public relations and public affairs and it is that kind of creativity that shifts perceptions and changes behavior. Israel Global Advisors is proud to be recognized as a leader in helping our valued clients engage in constructive social dialogue while growing support for their public policy agenda. It is out goal to change hearts and minds as well as win legislative and policy battles for our clients; involving some of the most critical issues of the times. Israel Global Advisors may just be the most successful media, public, and governmental affairs relations companies that you have never heard of! But, just because you may not have heard our name doesn't mean you haven't seen our work. And it doesn’t make our proven success record any less impressive.

    Israel Global Advisors believes that excellence in public affairs centers not just on building and managing long-term stakeholder relationships based on honesty and trust; but also in helping our clients win and show this success to their own unique client base. Israel Global Advisors works behind the scenes. We do not take public credit for our victories. Rather, we take pride in ensuring that you get the credit for your success as well as your client’s victories. We help our clients navigate their institutional relationships, engage positively and constructively in policy discussions and frame meaningful private and public partnerships to drive their solutions for the most important societal issues of the day. Israel Global Advisors invites you to bask in the glory of hard fought wins for you and your clients.

    When you hire Israel Global Advisors to handle your government affairs, we all win; Israel Global Advisors, you and your clients all enjoy success. We invite you to utilize our propriety communications tools and proven strategies to assist you in achieving the public policy success you hope for. Israel Global Advisors are certain you will want to keep working with us as an integral and indispensable part of your team. For the last three decades, we have been helping consultants, lobbyists and governmental affairs professionals meet the ever-changing communications world and achieve success after success for their clients. Contact Israel Global Advisors to get started today!