• Public Relations

  • Crisis Management

    The trust of voters and the loyalty of the public in general is directly affected by how you and your end clients manage reputational risk and crisis response. This is where our global Crisis & Risk team at Israel Global Advisors can help. We excel when the stakes are at their highest.

    At Israel Global Advisors, our team has established a proven record which is validated by extremely high client satisfaction scores. We protect the most vital, yet delicate, organizational asset; reputation. Our chosen team includes leaders from various multidisciplinary backgrounds that have been actively engaged in the unpredictable world of politics. We have seen it all and are able to connect with you and your clients affairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide the advocacy and strategic support you need.

    Our team expertly counsels and advises mid-sized companies, global organizations, nonprofits, government entities and high-profile individuals to tackle a range of preparedness, communications and reputational challenges. Our unique strength lies in our ability to accommodate a wide breadth of issues and scope which we execute flawlessly for our valued clients.

    When you invest countless hours and your clients invest hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to achieve public policy successes, you cannot afford to let even one negative press story affect the outcome you have worked so hard to achieve. Unfortunately, in today’s modern content driven, around-the-clock news cycles, that unfortunate scenario all too often becomes the reality. Israel Global Advisors monitors the vast news and information channels that abound in today’s global communications world. We can not only alert you to danger, but more importantly assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy to combat negative information, no matter the origin of the source.

  • Media Relations

    Our media landscape today has undergone seismic changes over the last decade and a half. This explosion of information has been both a blessing and challenge for many public affairs and political campaigns. Israel Global Advisors has formulated a unique approach to voice our clients’ stories in this complex media environment. We understand that public and governmental affairs campaign narratives need to be expressed in a holistic and integrated way considering dynamics and targeting all four media types; Traditional, Hybrid, Social and Owned. We employ various strategies designed to express and amplify your story across all four types of media while maintaining your strategic premise and central theme.

    At Israel Global Advisors, we are committed to creating compelling content and utilizing search tools and insights to ensure your unique story is discovered, understood, liked and shared with others. Journalists, opinion influencers and many others have come to rely on Israel Global Advisors to assist them in providing useful, compelling and shareable content to enhance or initiate the story. We train our team members and clients to think about their stories in a multi-level approach that incorporates multiple types of complementary content that tells the same story but uses different ways and mediums to express it.

    Our carefully crafted team includes former communications directors and journalists as well as passionate media relations experts and creative story tellers who can present your client’s own unique story and make their case in a compelling and relatable manner that will move hearts, minds, and most importantly votes.