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“Services Provided by IGA are Unparalleled

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You have a direct line right to the top. Your points-of-contact are the founders & senior staff, giving you unparalleled VIP service.



We have partners, not clients. & and we make it a point to deliver all the data and reporting you need to know the plan is working

Proven Results

Through years of experience we have fine-tuned our process. You won’t be paying for trial-and-error. 


Industry Authority

In a field where people make exaggerated claims about their expertise, FSI has the bona fides to prove our authority.

Bring Your Product to Market

Israel Global Advisors link public and private sector interests in such a way that both find benefit from the result.  IGA leverages private investment, venture capital, Private Equity and Strategic players with government-funded incentives,  government-sponsored pilot programs, and the support of elected officials to best position an Israeli company in the US marketplace.

Our comprehensive market entry services include: 

  • Market Intelligence – perform in-depth market research and analysis to help direct market entry strategy and decision making.
  • Site Selection – assist in selecting the most appropriate location for your international expansion project.
  • Market Entry Strategy – develop and execute a market entry strategy that works best for your business and the target market you wish to enter.
  • Company Formation – establish a legal entity, set up a local office, and assist in hiring local staff.
  • Business Development – identification of potential customers, create new contacts, search for distribution channels and partners, and introduction to third-party service providers including freight forwarders, translation companies, accountants, law firms and banks.
  • Marketing & Promotion – provide ongoing marketing communications and public relations support to help strengthen your company’s brand and positioning.


Oakridge Investments
“For Israeli companies looking to enter the US market,  it’s all about leverage and leveraging the right relationships and partnerships to bridge the gap between Israel and America is what IGA does best.  If establishing a US presence and boosting international revenues is what an Israeli company wants, then IGA is who they should call.