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“Bringing a deal to the table is the easy part, making it happen is a different ball game… IGA has what it takes.

Assaf Jaffe – Tami Flour



Strategy & Planning

Israel Global Advisors specializes in helping small to medium-sized enterprises create sustainable growth through successful expansion.

We offer a vast range of global business solutions to help these small to medium-sized enterprises succeed in international markets including market entry strategy, international business development, feasibility studies, brand development, market research, analysis and selection, lead generation, partner search, overseas marketing and promotion, public relations, product launch, and trade show support services and more.

Public Relations

The trust & loyalty of the public is directly affected by how you manage reputational risk & crisis response. This is where our global Crisis & Risk team can help. We excel when the stakes are at their highest.

Government Affairs

Excellence in public affairs centers not just on building & long-term stakeholder relationships but also in helping our clients win.  We work behind the scenes and take pride in ensuring that you get the credit for your success

Capital Markets.

Israel Global Advisors provide consulting services that allow our clients to grow their company while we deal with raising capital to support them.

Business Development

Entering a new market is a difficult process that requires a clear understanding of local culture & language as well as foreign business regulations and practices. We can guide you through all phases of the market entry movement!

Our hands-on market entry and business development services help you achieve & maintain a competitive position in your chosen target market.

Advisory & Consulting

The advisory group is an integrated team of professionals dedicated to delivering comprehensive advisory and fundraising services spanning the entire capital spectrum to our clients looking to enter the U.S. market.  Our solutions-oriented approach to advisory engagements leverages our experience and market knowledge to best position you for global growth.  

"I have worked on multiple transactions over the past ten years with Danny Katz and the team over at Israel Global Advisors. They are solutions oriented and get deals done. I take their counsel seriously."

TOM LOVELL. Store Capital.

“When I decided to relaunch the Texas-Israel Exchange Council I needed innovators who understood Israel, understood Texas, and most importantly understood me and my unique leadership style. The team at IGA developed a game plan and put the pieces to together so that when we launched, it was big-league news in Israel and across the United States. I am excited that Texas is leading the charge in doing business with Israel and I am glad that we are doing so with the folks at Israel Global Solutions at my side.”

SID MILLER. Texas Commissioner of Agriculture.